We Saved You a Seat: HRC Members Travel to Battleground States to #turnOUT the Vote

With just six days until Election Day, HRC staff, members and supporters are hitting the road to #turnOUT the pro-equality vote, hosting six different trips to battleground states.

HRC is not only hosting phone banks, rallies, events and canvassing opportunities across the country, but is also sending volunteers from several cities into four battleground states. The trips include: 

LGBTQ voters were a crucial piece of the puzzle for President Obama’s victory: In the last election, President Obama received 76 percent of all LGB votes, according to national exit polls. In total, roughly 6 million LGB voters cast a ballot in 2012 — an election President Obama won by just under 5 million votes.

This year, there are an estimated 9.4 million LGBTQ voters in the U.S. In key battleground states like Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, the number of potential LGBTQ voters exceeds the state’s margin of victory in the 2012 national election. That’s why HRC is working around the clock to #turnOUT the LGBTQ voting bloc for pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot. 

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