#turnOUT 2016: HRC’s Chad Griffin on the Road for Equality

What we do between now and Election Day will determine the kind of America we wake up to November 9th. That’s why I’ve hit the road to fire up support for HRC’s #turnOUT the vote efforts!

We’ve activated our grassroots army of nearly 2 million supporters to make sure voters across the country know exactly who will fight for the equal rights and protections of LGBTQ people and who will stand in our way.

Our ground game is stronger than ever. But we’ve also dedicated significant resources to actionable and effective online organizing efforts — from tweet-ups, and Snapchat filters, geo-targeted ads, and more, HRC is fighting to ensure the voice of our community is heard loud and clear this November.

In key states, we’ve found that the number of LGBTQ eligible voters alone exceeds the average margin of victory over the last three presidential elections. With everything on the line for our community, mobilizing the equality vote is crucial.

Thursday, I joined volunteers who took time off from work and school, to fight to elect Hillary Clinton and pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot. Arizona’s early vote begins October 12th and there’s not a second to waste.


Yesterday, in Minnesota I visited with HRC supporters who beat the sunrise to be first in line on the first day of early voting!


In the weeks ahead, I’ll hit Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and other states to campaign with our members, organizers, and pro-equality supporters.

This moment is our moment and we can’t trade our progress for complacency. HRC is shifting into a higher gear and we’re answering the call on all fronts.

Let’s #turnOUT the vote!