Tell Trump Administration: LGBTQ Seniors Matter!

LGBTQ seniors urgently need your help to ensure that they are not erased from federal data collection.

Recently, in a major survey of older Americans, the Trump Administration struck a question that tracks LGBTQ seniors to ensure they are not excluded from critical taxpayer funded services, such as nutrition programs like meals-on-wheels, transportation services, family caregiver support, and other community and home-based programs.

The survey, called the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants, has included a question about sexual orientation for the past three years, but when the Department of Health and Human Services posted the upcoming 2017 survey, they inexplicably removed the question.

The survey has not yet been finalized, and the agency is required to solicit public comments on any changes.

We know that LGBTQ seniors face unique vulnerabilities, but if we do not collect data, policymakers and advocates can not know the extent of the problems they face to quantify their needs. Fill out this form and tell the Trump Administration to not erase LGBTQ seniors from this vital survey!