2016-12-30 12:00:00

16 Inspirational Voices for LGBTQ Equality in 2016: Members and Supporters

As 2016 comes to a close, there is no doubt that this year was difficult for many in the LGBTQ and allied community. After a year of such celebration and momentous progress in 2015, 2016 was a shocking wake-up call to many about the realities that LGBTQ people face. From the rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation to the horrific shooting at Pulse, from the incidents of anti-transgender violence to the election of a presidential ticket that threatened to undermine equality and justice, we know that our job is more important now than ever before.

However, through these difficult times, we witnessed countless moments of inspiration. Throughout the year, time and time again, we saw people stand up and do what was right. Whether they were celebrities, politicians, a friend or just an acquaintance, we saw people stand up for equality and inspire us all. Their stories made us cry, gave us hope and reminded us that love will conquer hate.  

This year, our work would not have been possible without you, our members and supporters. You are the strongest voices for LGBTQ equality. Your stories and voices continue to give us strength. The past year has been difficult for many in our community, and we are so thankful for those who rallied and stood with us, courageously standing up and speaking out for what’s right and just.

As we approach 2017, the LGBTQ community has never needed your story more. Use your voice to share why YOU are fighting for LGBTQ equality! Your video will inspire others to play a more active role in defending LGBTQ rights.

We can’t emphasize this enough: Your voice and your stories are a powerful tool in the fight for full LGBTQ equality. They bring the need for our work to life.

We need your video before the New Year! Please take a moment to inspire others and record your video today.

Follow along with HRC’s blog as we recognize the people who inspired us and gave us hope, courage and strength in 2016.