2016-12-22 17:54:00

HRC Global and NatGeo Partner on “Where Love is Illegal” Program

HRC Global was proud to partner with National Geographic on a recent public event featuring the photography exhibit, Where Love is Illegal. Internationally acclaimed photographer Robin Hammond took the photos in the exhibit.

HRC’s Global’s fellow from Egypt, Ahmed Hafez, and deputy director, Jean Freedberg, joined Hammond on a panel to discuss the situation for LGBTQ people worldwid aend to provide context for the powerful visuals and narratives that Hammond captured in his photos. Speaking to an audience of more than two hundred, the panelists discussed the situation for LGBTQ people in places as far flung as Uganda, Russia, South Africa, Jamaica, Nepal and many more, and talked about how an exhibit like this provides a space for people to tell their stories and show their pride, even as society seeks to silence their voices. The event was part of FotoWeek, an annual celebration of photography in Washington, D.C..

The exhibit features LGBTQ people from all over the world in a series of formal and informal portraits. They are a compelling portrayal of the challenges that LGBTQ people face today and the pride and self awareness that LGBTQ people have, no matter how hard the circumstances.