2016-09-27 19:32:00

HRC Arkansas Sponsors Voter Registration Drive

Post submitted by Dr. Denise Donnell, MDiv, Senior Faith Organizer, HRC Arkansas

Earlier this month, HRC Arkansas teamed up with Skillz Barbershop, which is located in the heart of the African-American community in Little Rock, Arkansas, to help get out the vote in support of LGBTQ equality this election season.

Gary Ellison, owner of Skillz Barbershop, worked with HRC Arkansas to conduct a two-tiered site campaign for three consecutive days to register people to vote and to create positive relationships and awareness within the LGBTQ and allied community.

So much is at stake for millions of LGBTQ Americans this year. The 2016 election will be critical for protecting the progress we’ve made on equality and continuing to promote pro-LGBTQ legislative priorities. Early voting begins in Arkansas on Monday, October 24, and to learn more about supporting LGBTQ equality this election season, visit www.hrc.org/VoteEquality.

Register to vote in minutes, regardless of your home state, at www.hrc.org/vote.