Stand Up to Bullying and Donald Trump in Honor of Spirit Day

Each year, HRC is proud to stand with our allies around the globe against bullying in honor of Spirit Day.

On the campaign trail over the past several months, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has unleashed a torrent of egregious and harmful rhetoric. He’s made headlines for not only bullying other candidates, including his opponent, Hillary Clinton, but for demeaning women, the Latinx and Muslim communities and people with disabilities.

Here are a few highlights – or, rather, lowlights – shared by longtime LGBTQ ally, Hillary Clinton:

There are three common components of bullying:

  1. Aggressive Behavior
    • Bullying involves aggressive behavior, which can be physical, verbal, social or through electronic means.
  2. Power Imbalance
    • Bullying involves a power imbalance. This power imbalance between parties may be physical, but is just as likely to be power gained from social status, popularity or intellect.
  3. Repetition
    • Bullying is behavior repeated over time.

There is no doubt that Trump’s behavior constitutes bullying. He uses his bully pulpit to spew hate, to belittle others, and to create division among American voters.

To have a person running for  president display this behavior is particularly alarming to youth-serving professionals, including teachers, and parents of LGBTQ children, who know that bullying is a problem that disproportionately affects LGBTQ youth. According to HRC’s survey of 10,000 youth, Growing Up LGBT in America, LGBTQ youth are twice as likely to report they are harassed, assaulted, kicked or shoved at school. Ninety-two percent say they hear negative messages about being LGBTQ at school, on the Internet and from peers.

With the election just 18 days away, Spirit Day is more relevant than ever. Stand up to Donald Trump’s bullying tactics on Election Day and vote for Hillary Clinton.

In 2010, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton released a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign to combat the scourge of suicides attributed to bullying. As a presidential candidate, she has committed to fight for passage of the Safe Schools Improvement Act to help prevent harmful bullying, and the Student Non-Discrimination Act to prohibit public schools from discriminating against students on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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