Municipal Equality Index 2016: All-Star Cities

At a time when many states have failed to extend LGBTQ-inclusive laws and policies, cities are stepping up to ensure that all citizens are treated equally. HRC Foundation’s Municipal Equality Index, released this week in partnership with Equality Federation, shows that around the country cities are fueling momentum for LGBTQ equality — and often are doing so in states that still don’t have LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination laws at the state level.

Across the country, 37 cities earned at least 85 points on the 2016 MEI despite hailing from a state without LGBTQ-inclusive statewide non-discrimination laws. These cities, dubbed “All-Star Cities,” set a standard of LGBTQ inclusiveness with exemplary, best-practice policies such as local non-discrimination laws, providing transgender-inclusive health benefits for city employees, and offering LGBTQ-inclusive city services. Due to the state-level restrictions, it would be impossible for these cities to earn a 100 rating without the help of bonus points.

These 37 cities are located in 13 states. With 8, Florida has the most number of All-Star Cities. What’s more, 3 of those cities – Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Wilton Manors – earned 100 ratings.

The entire list of All-Star Cities:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Tempe, Arizona
  3. Tucson, Arizona
  4. Gainesville, Florida
  5. Miami Shores, Florida
  6. Oakland Park, Florida
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. St. Petersburg, Florida
  9. Tallahassee, Florida
  10. Tampa, Florida
  11. Wilton Manors, Florida
  12. Atlanta, Georgia
  13. Bloomington, Indiana
  14. Indianapolis, Indiana
  15. New Orleans, Louisiana
  16. Louisville, Kentucky
  17. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  18. Detroit, Michigan
  19. East Lansing, Michigan
  20. Ferndale, Michigan
  21. Columbia, Missouri
  22. Kansas City, Missouri
  23. St. Louis, Missouri
  24. Missoula, Montana
  25. Cincinnati, Ohio
  26. Columbus, Ohio
  27. Dayton, Ohio
  28. Toledo, Ohio
  29. Allentown, Pennsylvania
  30. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  31. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  32. Austin, Texas
  33. Dallas, Texas
  34. Fort Worth, Texas
  35. San Antonio, Texas
  36. Alexandria, Virginia
  37. Arlington, Virginia

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