Your membership is important.

Members are the foundation of HRC’s strength, and there are a variety of membership options, from a one time gift to an HRC Partner making a monthly donation up to $99 (see Federal Club page for higher giving levels). Follow this link to the HRC Membership page and choose the level that best meets your needs and abilities. Every new and renewing member makes HRC and its programs stronger and more effective. Thank you!

HRC North Carolina

Your membership in HRC North Carolina contributes to the strength of HRC across the nation. By being a member here, you support your LGBTQ brothers and sisters both in North Carolina as well as in states that have yet to be granted the rights we enjoy here. Not to mention that there is plenty of work to do in our own back yard in the fight for inclusive equality. See us at our many events throughout the year, where you can become a member or renew. Our annual events include:

  • Gala Dinner & Auction – The annual black-tie event is the highlight of the fundraising year for the LGBTQ community. Attendees include prominent members of the North Carolina LGBTQ community, HRC members and high-level donors, community and business leaders, elected officials, celebrities, family, friends and supporters of LGBTQ people.
  • Prides across the North & South Carolina region throughout the year.

In addition to our annual events, HRC North Carolina plans special membership events throughout the year to reach further into our communities for new and renewing members, so stay tuned!