In New Video, Judy Shepard Warns of Terrifying Consequences of Donald Trump’s Hate-Filled Campaign

In a new video ad released today, Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard, warns of the consequences of Donald Trump’s hate-filled campaign, stating: “It terrifies me.” Judy and her husband, Dennis, founded the Matthew Shepard Foundation after their son was murdered — one of countless LGBTQ people who have been victims of hate.

 “When I see the hate Donald Trump has brought to his campaign for President, it terrifies me,” Shepard says in the ad.

The video, titled “Hate”, recounts Matthew’s brutal murder in Wyoming 18 years ago, and features Trump’s hateful language on the campaign trail — inciting violence, mocking people with disabilities, trafficking in racism and bigotry, and joking about gun violence.

“I know what can happen as a result of hate,” Judy Shepard says, “and Donald Trump should never be our president.”

Judy Shepard also recently penned a powerful joint op-ed with HRC President Chad Griffin on how the LGBTQ community will vote for those they’ve lost to hate—and those still suffering.

According to Priorities USA, which released the ad, “Hate” will run in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

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