ICYMI: HRC’s Epic #AskTheGays VP Debate Tweet Up

Remember when Donald Trump challenged America to “ask the gays” about his anti-equality record? Prior to the VP Debate, yesterday, HRC hosted an #AskTheGays Tweet Up that garnered more than 6.3 million impressions answering that very call. The overwhelming response to the Trump/Pence ticket’s agenda of discrimination? No, thanks.

HRC also unveiled a billboard outside of the debate and released a new video targeting Mike Pence — both of which remind voters that his hateful politics have been bad for Indiana and would be bad for our country.

Mike Pence is nationally notorious for attacking LGBTQ people. From passing a dangerous and costly anti-equality law in Indiana, to trying to divert funding for HIV prevention to harmful “conversion therapy,” to fighting against hate crimes laws and open service for LGB service members.

Given Pence’s record of discrimination and the calls for accountability, it’s notable that the moderator failed to ask a single question on his astoundingly anti-LGTBQ track record.

Only one person on that stage last night will stand up for LGBTQ equality. The other can’t wait to tear it down. With just a few weeks until Election Day, the choice could not be more clear. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are running on the most robust pro-equality agenda in American history. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Mike Pence would roll back the rights of our community at every turn.