HRC Marks Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

HRC is proud to celebrate Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

AAPI is one of the most diverse communities in America, and LGBTQ Asian-American and Pacific Islanders have icons like journalist Helen Zia, actors George Takei and Rex Lee, comedian Margaret Cho, and transgender activist Geena Rocero leading the way. These icons help raise the visibility of LGBTQ AAPI people across the country, and provide positive images to help make it easier to acknowledge one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBTQ AAPI youth can face coming out experiences that are intensified, and the lack of AAPI visibility within the LGBTQ community can also create challenges. Despite facing unique hurdles throughout the coming out process, these can be overcome with time and education.

HRC has a number of resources for the AAPI community, including Being Asian/Pacific Islander and LGBTQ: An Introduction; Coming Out Issues for Asian Pacific Americans; Society and Coming Out Issues for Asian Pacific Americans; and Religion and Coming Out Issues for Asian Pacific Americans.

As AAPI LGBTQ visibility continues to increase, more and more people will hopefully make the brave decision to come out and live their lives openly and authentically.

HRC is committed to promoting racial and ethnic diversity within the LGBTQ movement and to fighting bias and discrimination in all forms, including many of the unique challenges facing LGBTQ communities of color. Visit our Communities of Colors Center for more information.