HRC Helps Set a Progressive Course for Alabama Public Policy

Earlier this month, HRC Alabama staff joined an innovative group of Alabama legislators, opinion leaders and stakeholders in a rich and thoughtful discussion about the future of a pro-growth policy agenda at Alabama’s first Pro-Growth Policy Retreat.

In exploring how Alabama policy leaders can invest, grow, care, show compassion and prosper, the conference agenda included breakout sessions and conversations ranging from “How We Grow: Sparking Our Economy” to “How We Show Compassion: Reforming Our Prison System.”

At the invitation of the House Democratic Caucus, HRC participated in the Pro-Growth Policy Retreat as a panel contributor for the “How We Build Bridges: Sustaining Civil and Human Rights” panel. State Director Eva Kendrick joined Kareem Crayton, Chief of Staff and General Counsel for the House Democratic Caucus, Ana Valeriano, Lead Organizer at the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (HICA) and Samuel Martin, President and Publisher of the Birmingham News, for a lively conversation on the state of civil rights in Alabama, ways to use personal stories to inform public education and transform public opinion on civil rights issues, and the future of progress civil rights policy in the Alabama State House.

House Minority Leader Rep. Anthony Daniels closed out the conference Friday afternoon, reiterating what had been discussed in most panels and breakouts throughout the conference: In order for a progressive policy agenda to win in Alabama, it will take sustained coalition commitment from organizations, individuals and legislators to keep our progressive focus unified in an effort to create a better, stronger Alabama for all of her citizens. HRC Alabama is committed to making that vision a reality.

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