Equality Votes Work Ramps Up!

Submitted by: Lindsey Clark, Senior Regional Field Organizer​

HRC is ramping up as the clock winds down to Election Day. Phone banks are up and running in several cities across the country, with more temporary sites springing up as Election Day draws near. Dedicated volunteers are working to reach pro-equality voters in battleground states. And with early voting now in full swing, that means getting out the vote is our sole focus.

We know that our massive bloc of pro-equality voices can absolutely make the difference in this election, especially in battleground states where the margin of victory will be small. That’s why every day our folks are reaching out to our members and supporters to talk about what’s at stake in this election and ensure that our equality voters #turnOUT.

Last night, dozens of volunteers converged in seven cities from Boston to Palm Springs to generate calls into six key states — and they made an astonishing 8,500 calls. Our volunteers  included a remote crew from Cleveland , which showed up to make calls even as their beloved Indians played in Game 1 of the World Series! These folks know that any measure of personal sacrifice now is worth the peace of mind they’ll have on Nov. 9, knowing they gave everything they had to this fight.

If you’d like to join our team in these final two weeks, please click here to find more information. We need your help now more than ever — particularly in Austin, Boston, DC, Houston, NYC, and Palm Springs. Help us finish this election season strong and ensure that we #turnOUT this November!

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