#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: September 29, 2016

JUDGE ROY MOORE’S FATE TO BE DECIDED IN NEXT TEN DAYS: Yesterday, notoriously anti-LGBTQ Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore faced a hearing to determine whether he should be removed from the bench for his more than decade-long pattern of unethical, extralegal actions — from his Ten Commandments crusade in 2001 to his present-day obstructionist tactics aimed at preventing marriage equality in Alabama. The state’s  Court of the Judiciary will decide within the next 10 days whether Moore will be permanently removed from the bench. Dozens of HRC Alabama members, supporters and state allies were on the ground calling for his dismissal. #NoMoore from The Associated Press.

When he spoke in grief about his dead husband, Paul Hard was laughed at by an anti-LGBTQ heckler at a recent #NoMoore rally in Alabama. Read his op-ed about why Roy Moore’s bigotry is no laughing matter, and check out his #HRCTwitterTakeover.

#FAIRDRUGPRICESNOW: Today, HRC  joined with the Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) in launching #FairDrugPricesNow, a public education and outreach campaign to mobilize LGBTQ people and their allies to address the alarming rise of prescription drug prices in the United States. Learn more about the #FairDrugPricesNow campaign here.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Historically, turnout among LGBTQ voters is significantly higher than the general voting population. The power of the LGBTQ vote was dramatically illustrated in the 2012 general election. To break it down, roughly 6 million LGB voters cast a ballot four years ago in an election that President Obama won by just under 5 million votes. And there’s this: in key swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Nevada and Ohio, the number of LGBTQ adults is greater than the average margin of victory in the last three presidential elections.

HRC, LEADING NATIONAL PEDIATRIC ORGS PUBLISH GUIDE SUPPORTING TRANS YOUTH: Today, HRC joined with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, which together represent more than 66,000 pediatricians and pediatric specialists across the country, to release Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children, a new guide for community members and allies to ensure that transgender young people are affirmed, respected, and able to thrive.  More from HRC.

$30 MILLION TO GO TO ORLANDO SURVIVORS & THEIR FAMILIES: The OneOrlandoFund, established after the gun tragedy in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub took the lives of 49 innocent people, announced this week that it will begin distributing nearly $30 million to survivors of the June crime. According to The Washington Post, the fund received donations from 150,000 individuals and companies in more than 120 countries. More from HRC.

REGGIE BULLOCK OPENS UP ABOUT TRANS SISTER, HB2: NBA player Reggie Bullock (@ReggieBullock35) opens up about his transgender sister Mia Henderson, who was brutally murdered in 2014, during an interview with Vince Ellis on his podcast. They also discuss North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ law HB2.

  • In a new memoir, Cookie Johnson, wife of legendary NBA player Earvin “Magic” Johnson talks about her journey toward acceptance of her gay son E.J. Johnson (@prince_ej), and her husband’s HIV diagnosis. The Advocate reports here.

SKATEBOARDER BRIAN ANDERSON COMES OUT: Vice spoke with skateboarding legend Brian Anderson in a powerful new video about his decision to come out, being openly gay and the years he spent closeted out of fear.

HRC HONORS PEPSICO AS A CORPORATE EQUALITY LEADER: This week, HRC celebrated businesses standing up for LGBTQ equality, Pepsico will receive the 2017 HRC Corporate Equality Award. Pepsico has consistently earned a perfect score of 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and is an inaugural member of the groundbreaking Business Coalition for the Equality Act. Executives from Pepsico have also used their public platforms to speak out against deeply discriminatory anti-LGBTQ state laws, including in Mississippi and North Carolina.

MOST AUSTRALIANS GIVE THUMBS DOWN TO NONBINDING VOTE ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY: New polling out of Australia shows that most Australians do not want to hold a popular vote on marriage equality. A popular vote would carry no legal weight, and Parliament would still have to approve any legislation allowing marriage equality. More from The Associated Press.

WE COME IN PEACE: The nonprofit Planting Peace has declared the universe LGBTQ-friendly by flying the first Pride flag in space. More from The Huffington Post.


The Cincinnati Enquirer shares a beautiful message from the mom of a trans child who wants trans children everywhere to feel safe… The New York Times features a photo series by celebrity photographer Mark Seliger highlighting the lives of trans people…  The Movement Advancement Project discusses disparities facing bisexual people… HRC shares how to be a better ally to the LGBTQ community for #AllyWeek…