#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: October 5, 2016

PENCE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — DONALD WHO? During Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, Republican nominee Mike Pence repeatedly feigned ignorance — or simply lied — about his running mate Donald Trump’s campaign of insult and disparagement; epic business failures; and refusal to provide his federal tax records. Democratic nominee Tim Kaine sought clarity on the Trump-Pence ticket’s cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin, underscoring their praising of Putin while he runs a regime that “persecutes LGBT folks and journalists.” Pence’s response was to claim that he and Trump had never complimented Putin’s leadership (they have, several times).  As Frank Bruni (@FrankBruni) noted in The New York Times, Pence offered no apology for the “grotesque cornucopia of Donald Trump’s slurs and bad behavior.” Read more here about “Mike Pence’s Fantasy Running Mate,” and how “Magic Mike: Makes Trump Disappear!

MIKE PENCE IS NATIONALLY NOTORIOUS FOR ATTACKING LGBTQ PEOPLE — from passing a dangerous and costly anti-LGBTQ law in Indiana, to trying to divert funding for HIV prevention to harmful “conversion therapy,” to fighting against hate crimes laws and open service for LGB service members. Notably, the moderator failed to ask a single question about Pence’s hateful track record.

  • Meanwhile, we did #AskThe Gays during a debate tweet storm… and they didn’t disappoint….

MIKE PENCE’S HATEFUL POLITICS: Ahead of last night’s debate, HRC released a new video and unveiled a billboard on a highway heading into the Virginia debate venue highlighting how Mike Pence has made opposing LGBTQ equality a cornerstone of his political career. Pence’s record stands in stark contrast with Tim Kaine, who has advanced LGBTQ equality as Governor, Senator and now as a vice presidential candidate, advocating the most aggressive platform for LGBTQ equality in U.S. history. HRC President Chad Griffin, who attended the debate, tweeted that @timkaine‘s commitment to equality is embodied by his debate guests, Virginia marriage equality plaintiffs Carol Schall and Mary Townley, and their daughter, Emily.

From USA Today:

ADD THIS TO OUR EVER-GROWING LIST OF WHY WE LOVE THE FIRST LADY: ICYMI, check out First Lady Michelle Obama throwing perfect, yet subtle, shade on Donald Trump and his post-presidential debate whining about his microphone. Watch it here.

LGBTQ PARENTAL RIGHTS WIN IN MASSACHUSETTS: In a historic win for LGBTQ parental rights in Massachusetts, the state’s high court ruled yesterday that a woman can legally be the parent of a child, even if she is not the birth mother or adoptive parent. Prior to this ruling, a non-birth mother in a same-sex relationship could have visitation rights as a “de facto parent,” which fell short of full parentage. More from USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

WHAT WE’RE READING WEDNESDAY: Dick Wagner, one of Wisconsin’s first openly-LGBTQ politicians — the state is the only one to have had three openly-LGBTQ people serve in Congress — talks about being inspired by the words of Harvey Milk, and striving to live live boldly.  “You need to be part of a community, and you need to share the story of what our lives are …,” Wagner told Wisconsin Public Radio. “But there’s still a lot of work out there to convince people that we are citizens of this country and that we have contributions to make and we will make them.”

PRESTIGIOUS JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION CANCELS NC VISIT, CITING HB2: In what the Raleigh News & Observer described as a blow to the area’s rising culinary profile, the James Beard Foundation yesterday canceled its plan to hold a meeting in the city in January, saying that provisions of the state’s discriminatory HB2 law “are contrary to the values” of the organization. “This meeting had been planned prior to the passage of HB2; we had hoped that the condemnation by the NCAA, the NBA and the many members of North Carolina’s restaurant community, would have persuaded North Carolina’s leaders to repeal this outrageous law,” the foundation said in a statement. “As it has not, the subcommittee feels compelled to conduct its business elsewhere.”

OUTRAGEOUS — ANTI-EQUALITY BOARD MEMBER THREATENS TO PULL FUNDING FROM HOME CARE CENTER OVER A …..POSTER: The Aging and Disability Resource Center office in Baraboo, Wisconsin, could lose funding because an anti-equality county supervisor is upset over poster in the county’s Aging and Disability Resource Center that features an HRC logo. More from The Baraboo News Republic.

CONGRATS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE: Samira Wiley (@SamiraWiley) of the Netflix hit show Orange Is The New Black is engaged. She and her new fiancé, writer Lauren Morelli (@lomorelli), showed off Wiley’s engagement ring in an Instagram post. See Wiley’s powerful introduction of civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis at HRC’s 2016 National Dinner here.


Tap twice to congratulate Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli on their engagement! #Repost @whododatlikedat: Yes.

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NEW VIDEO FROM GLSEN — WHAT DOES GENDERFLUID MEAN?: Check out GLSEN’s new video on gender fluidity. Genderfluid people do not identify with a single, fixed gender. More from Teen Vogue.

HUNDREDS OF MINORS ARRESTED UNDER INDIA’S ANTI-LGBTQ LAW: More than 200 young adults and children as young as 11 were arrested in 2015 under India’s law criminalizing same-sex sexual activity, according to the Times of India. The discriminatory law was reintroduced to the country in 2013. More from Gay Star News.


Jeff Green (@JeffAGreen) talks about LGBTQ inclusion in pro sports for Bloomberg MarketsForbes discusses the need for LGBTQ-friendly housing for elders…
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