#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: October 27, 2016

COUNTDOWN and #turnOUT: 12 days until Election Day and more than 7.3 million Americans have already voted. In battleground states including Nevada, registered Democrats are turning out in higher numbers — crucial numbers for pro-equality candidates like Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto. In Nevada, there are an estimated 81,300 LGBTQ voters in a state where the last three presidential elections were won by an average of 69,730 votes.

BREAKING – BLOOMBERG REPORTS TRUMP CAMPAIGN ENGAGING IN VOTER SUPPRESSION: In a blockbuster story this morning, Bloomberg’s Sasha Issenberg (@sissenberg) and Joshua Green (@Joshua Green) report that a senior official with Donald Trump’s campaign reveals that his team is actively working to suppress voter participation in the presidential election. “We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” the senior official told Bloomberg, aimed at three groups Hillary Clinton needs to win: idealistic white liberals, young women, and African Americans. How surprising – instead of trying to attract voters with a compelling, positive message like Hillary Clinton, Trump “has devised another strategy, which, not surprisingly, is negative.” Read more here.

USAID TO PROHIBIT ANTI-LGBTQ DISCRIMINATION IN ALL CONTRACTS: Yesterday, in remarks at an event hosted by HRC, American University and Human Rights First, Ambassador Susan Rice announced that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has finalized a new rule prohibiting anti-LGBTQ discrimination in all of its contractors’ services. She revealed the policy during a speech focusing on the Obama Administration’s legacy and leadership on promoting and protecting LGBTQ human rights around the world . USAID provides nearly $16 billion in foreign aid annually in more than 100 countries. This policy will be written into all USAID contracts. Unfortunately, it does not include grantees, also major recipients of USAID funds; and doesn’t cover employment decisions by USAID contractors and grantees working on projects around the world ranging from food security to education. Read HRC’s report on the new policy. Read more about Ambassador Rice’s speech from Newsweek and The Associated Press.

SIXTY-SIX REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR PAT MCCRORY: From his anti-LGBTQ HB2 law, to his positions on women’s health, Medicaid, education, and the environment — not to mention his support for Donald Trump — there are myriad powerful reasons for North Carolinians to vote Governor Pat McCrory out of office. In one of the most thorough lists we’ve seen arguing that voters #turnOUT for Roy Cooper on November 8, IndyWeek’s Paul Blest (@PBlest) rounds up 66 reasons McCrory must go. And illustrator Shan Stumpf gave us our new Halloween costume idea: “Zombie McCrory”. Check it out here.

  • HB2 is bad for business: Ashley Christensen, an influential North Carolinian chef with seven restaurants in the state, comes out against HB2 in an op-ed for Eater.

JASON COLLINS, FTW: Jason Collins(@JasonCollins98), the first openly gay NBA player, delivered an important video message yesterday: In key states, the number of LGBTQ voters alone exceeds the average margin of victory over the last three presidential cycles. Our community has the power to decide this election and we’ve got to #turnOUT for Hillary Clinton and pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot. Watch it here.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: On October 30, 2009, President Obama lifted a 22-year ban on people living with HIV from entering the U.S., calling the policy “rooted in fear rather than fact.” This was a momentous event in the ongoing quest to destigmatize HIV. For more on HIV and AIDS, including more of what the Obama administration has done to address the epidemic within the LGBTQ community, visit HRC.

HRC ENDORSES JOHN GREGG FOR IND. GOVERNOR OVER “MINI-PENCE” OPPONENT: HRC endorsed John Gregg for Governor of Indiana and Christina Hale for Lieutenant Governor. The governor’s office is being vacated by Mike Pence, who became a national disgrace for his shameful “license to discriminate” bill that could have allowed businesses to deny service to LGBTQ people. Following in Pence’s anti-equality footsteps, Gregg’s opponent, Eric Holcomb, has refused to support LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections during the campaign — despite the outcry from the business community and a majority of Hoosiers who opposed Pence’s discriminatory bill.

HRC JOINS RESOLUTION ON INTERSEX AWARENESS DAY: Yesterday was Intersex Awareness Day, which commemorates the first demonstration by intersex people in North America.  On this day organizations across the globe, including HRC,  partner together to raise the visibility of the intersex community.  This year HRC partnered with interACT on a resolution calling for the recognition of intersex human rights. More from HRC.


BBC surveyed sports fans about how they would feel about openly-LGBTQ players… DeRay Mckesson (@DeRay) endorses Hillary Clinton in an Washington Post op-ed… CNN profiles Ricardo Rosas, an openly gay Mormon advocate working to bring equality to the faith…

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