#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: October 26, 2016

COUNTDOWN and #turnOUT: 13 days until Election Day and early voting is breaking records in Texas’ 10 biggest counties. HRC members and supporters were among many of those turning out the vote in the Lone Star State, which has more than 668,000 LGBTQ voters.

NEW HRC DIGITAL AD FEATURES MOTHER OF PULSE NIGHTCLUB VICTIM URGING AMERICANS TO HONOR SON BY VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON: Today HRC released a heartbreaking new digital ad featuring Christine Leinonen, the mother of Christopher “Drew” Leinonen — a young man shot and killed along with his boyfriend, Juan Guerrero, and 47 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Christine speaks directly to American voters, saying, “We have to continue moving forward as an inclusive society. If you love a gay person, if you know someone who’s gay, and you truly really love them, I don’t know how you could justify a vote for Donald Trump.” Christine says her son supported Hillary Clinton, and urged Americans to consider Christopher when they vote in November. Said HRC President Chad Griffin: “This heartbreaking plea from Christopher’s mother is a sobering reminder of the responsibility we have to the 49 LGBTQ people and allies who lost their lives in Orlando that tragic night at the Pulse nightclub. While Donald Trump threatens to drag us backwards, time and again Hillary Clinton has demonstrated through her words and actions that she has the vision and leadership to unite us and move this country forward. Let’s make sure the voices of Christopher, Juan, and the countless others who have lost their lives to hatred are heard on November 8.” Watch the full digital ad here. Two 30-second versions of the ad can be viewed here and here. More from TIME Magazine’s Philip Elliott (@Philip_Elliott).

A WHOPPING 730 MORE NC JOBS LOST AS MCCRORY CONTINUES TO PUT DISCRIMINATION FIRST: HRC President Chad Griffin and Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro released the following statements yesterday after the Charlotte Business Journal reported that North Carolina lost out on 730 new jobs because Governor Pat McCrory has refused to repeal of HB2. “With each passing day that Governor McCrory’s discriminatory HB2 remains law the people of North Carolina continue to pay the price,” said HRC President Chad Griffin (@ChadHGriffin). “Governor McCrory has proven he is unfit to lead this great state, and the majority of fair-minded North Carolinians will finally have a chance to make their voices heard on Election Day.” Said Chris Sgro: “What a travesty — our state has lost 730 more jobs because of Governor McCrory’s bad bill. HB2 puts LGBT people at risk for discrimination and violence and it’s hurting all North Carolinians every day.” More from HRC.

HBD MADAME PRESIDENT: Today marks the birthday of our next president, Hillary Clinton. Clinton, poised to become the nation’s first woman to hold the highest office in the land, is running on the most pro-equality ticket in our nation’s history and that is all something to celebrate.

#turnOUT IN THE TAR HEEL STATE: Tomorrow, HRC President Chad Griffin travels to North Carolina to campaign with gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper. Cooper has long been a champion for equality, refusing as NC Attorney General to defend the disastrous and discriminatory HB2, and vowing to repeal it as governor. HRC is targeting more than 400,000 potential pro-equality voters across North Carolina as part of its larger get-out-the-vote effort aimed at mobilizing 10 million LGBTQ voters nationwide. The power of the LGBTQ vote in North Carolina is clear: the state has more than 255,800 LGBTQ voters; the margin of victory in the 2012 presidential race in North Carolina was 92,004.

  • #turnOUT in Nevada: Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@JesseTyler) and his spouse, HRC Director Justin Mikita (@JustinMikita), joined HRC Nevada in Las Vegas to make the final push to #turnOUT the vote in the last weeks of the campaign. More from HRC.
  • #turnOUT in Florida: On Sunday, Stuart Milk (@StuartMilk), nephew of LGBTQ civil rights icon Harvey Milk, thanked volunteers at the Jacksonville Hillary for America office for making calls and knocking on doors on behalf of pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot. More from HRC.

TODAY — AMB. SUSAN RICE TO ADDRESS OBAMA ADMIN’S LGBTQ LEGACY: Today, HRC, American University, and Human Rights First are hosting Ambassador Susan Rice, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, for remarks on protecting and promoting LGBTQ human rights around the world. The 3 p.m. ET event is being held at American University’s School of International Service. She’ll discuss the Obama Administration’s leadership on equality, the vital role it plays in America’s national security and the need for continued efforts to secure LGBTQ human rights abroad.  The event can be viewed via live-stream available here and on social media under the hashtag #GlobalEquality.  More from HRC.

WHAT WE’RE READING WEDNESDAY: In a gripping piece, Pulse Hero Recounts Night He Saved 70: ‘Time Slowed Down,’ the Advocate’s Thom Senzee (@TSenzee) interviews Imran Yousuf about his actions the night of the tragedy in Orlando. Yousuf, recently honored by the American Military Partner Association for his heroism at Pulse, is a six-year Marine combat veteran. Senzee writes, “Yousuf’s humility is much a part of his DNA as is his bare-bones, ‘just-the-facts’ way of recounting the story of that horrific night.” More from the Advocate. What a hero looks like:

HEARTBREAKING — RELATIVES OF GAY MAN WHO DIED SEEK TO EVICT HIS LONGTIME PARTNER: After the death of his loving partner of 55 years, Tom Doyle is now facing eviction — by his late partner’s relatives. Doyle lived with Bill Cornwell, who passed in 2014 at age 88, in a New York City apartment since the late 1960s. “As long as I am here, I have all the familiar surroundings. It’s almost as if Bill is still here.” More on the dispute from The New York Times.

FT’S TOP 50 FUTURE LGBT LEADERS: Financial Times released it’s list of the “Top 50 Future LGBT Leaders,” noting the young LGBTQ people who are making the case for equality from board rooms to global stages. At the top of this year’s list was Raymond Braun (@RaymondBraun), chief executive and founder, RWB Media, and a tireless LGBTQ advocate and HRC supporter and collaborator.


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