#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: October 21, 2016

COUNTDOWN and #TurnOUT: 18 days until Election Day and all eyes are on North Carolina — a crucial swing state this election year. HRC and our partners at ENC are working throughout the state and in targeted districts — like those in the Charlotte area where an estimated 90,000 LGBTQ voters call home. Check out the graphic below for more and HRC’s blog here.

North Carolina

HILLARY CLINTON’S COMMITMENT TO LGBTQ EQUALITY FRONT & CENTER IN NEW HRC CAMPAIGN VIDEO AD: Today, HRC released a new video ad featuring Hillary Clinton’s historic commitment to fighting for full LGBTQ equality. In the video, Hillary says, “We need to build an America where no one has to worry that they can get married on Saturday and be fired on Monday; where kids aren’t bullied just because of who they are; and where every American has the chance to live up to his or her God-given potential, no matter who they are or who they love.” The video is part of HRC’s unprecedented digital campaign in a get-out-the-vote effort aimed at more than 2 million potential pro-equality voters nationwide. Watch the video here.

#RELATIONSHIPGOALS: Yesterday HRC and Equality NC released two new digital ads in North Carolina: “Hillary” and “Voting.” The ads feature Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin, a North Carolina couple together for a half century, talking about what is at stake and on the ballot in this election. Watch both videos here.

#turnOUT IN THE TARHEEL STATE: HRC President Chad Griffin was in Charlotte  yesterday to help kick off early voting in North Carolina, a key battleground state where equality is on the ballot, and where voters can help put Hillary Clinton in the White House and remove Pat McCrory, who signed the discriminatory HB2 law, from the governor’s office. HRC is targeting more than 400,000 potential pro-equality voters across North Carolina, in coordination with its larger get-out-the-vote effort aimed at mobilizing the 10 million LGBTQ voters nationwide. The power of the LGBTQ vote in North Carolina is clear: the state has more than 255,800 LGBTQ people of voting age; the margin of victory in the 2012 presidential race in North Carolina was 92,004.

  • Memo to @PatMcCroryNC & anti-equality lawmakers: The days of political attacks on LGBTQ people are over. Check out this in-depth look at HRC’s work in North Carolina in McClatchy DC.

TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE FROM THE DONALD: At a rally for Hillary Clinton yesterday, President Barack Obama called out Donald Trump’s “bromance” with Russia’s anti-LGBTQ dictator Vladimir Putin. Putin has criminalized being LGBTQ in Russia, fueled brutal beatings of people in the street and threatened anyone who simply speaks publicly about equality. “Bromance” is one word for it… we also like “puppet.” Watch here.

LOL OF THE WEEK: “It was the best of times. Absolutely phenomenal. It was the worst of times. Total disaster.” Yesterday, Twitter exploded with the hilarious hashtag, #TrumpBookReport. Check out a few of the best ones here, and just TRY not to read them in his voice.

AN EPIDEMIC OF ANTI-TRANS VIOLENCE: Sergeant Jessica Hawkins heads the Washington Metro Police Department’s LGBT liaison unit, and, as a transgender woman, is painfully aware of the epidemic of violence against transgender women. In 2016, at least 20 transgender people have been killed. All but three victims have been transgender woman and 15 have been black women, according to HRC and other advocates tracking the deadly violence. More from Reuters.

USING TECH TO COMBAT ANTI-LGBTQ BULLYING: Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools are utilizing technology to combat anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools, giving faculty and staff access to online simulations designed to help them react in ways that encourage a more safe and inclusive learning environment for LGBTQ students. More from NBC Washington.

BRITAIN TO PARDON THOUSANDS OF MEN CONVICTED OF THE “CRIME” OF BEING GAY. The New York Times reports: “Decades after homosexuality was decriminalized in Britain, the government announced on Thursday that it would posthumously pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted, in essence, of having or seeking gay sex. Since 2012, men with such convictions who are still alive have been able to apply to have their names cleared.” Read more about the “Alan Turing law” here.

INDONESIA’S PRESIDENT SPEAKS OUT ON LGBTQ SAFETY: Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, in comments to the BBC,  for the first time publicly called for the protection of LGBTQ people at a time of escalating violence and discrimination in his country.  “The police must act… There should be no discrimination against anyone,” he said. More from TIME.

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST OPENLY GAY AND ABORIGINAL MP: Chansey Paech made an inspiring speech after being sworn in as a Northern Territory MP yesterday, saying, “I am young, I am gay, I am black. A true-blue Territorian.” More from Mashable.


WCVB reports that two people have been charged with blowing up a LGBTQ newspaper box in Salem, Mass…. Washington Blade follows anti-LGBTQ pastor Scott Lively as he exports his hate in Kyrgyzstan… Los Angeles Times reviews ‘Moonlight,’ a new film about young, black, gay life… BuzzFeed talks to two moms who reached out to Highlights magazine about including more depictions of LGBTQ families…

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