#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: November 8, 2016

#turnOUT: It’s Election Day and the nation’s 10 million LGBTQ voters have the power to decide who will represent us — from the White House to Congress to statehouses across the country. In crucial swing states, the number of LGBTQ voters alone exceeds the average margin of victory in the last three presidential elections. Check out HRC’s data visualizations compiling LGBTQ voter information from key states here. Meanwhile, we are not letting up. HRC is on the ground today in battleground states and on the phones at headquarters and sites across the country,  joining members and volunteers getting out the vote so we can witness history — Hillary Clinton shattering the glass ceiling, and bringing along with her pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot. We — and she — are making history today. #ImWithHer #turnOUT #MadamePresident

ELECTION EVE IN NC — HRC RALLIES WITH TIM KAINE AND ROY COOPER IN AFTERNOON, AND HILLARY CLINTON AT MIDNIGHT RALLY JUST HOURS BEFORE POLLS OPEN: In a final get-out-the-vote push in North Carolina, HRC President Chad Griffin (@ChadHGriffin) joined Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and spouse, Ann Holton; NC gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper; and Attorney General candidate Josh Stein at a rally in Wilmington, and hours later cheered on Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton at a raucous midnight rally in Raleigh. In the final get-out-the-vote push, Hillary Clinton closed out her historic campaign with an electrifying call to repeal the state’s discriminatory HB2 law. More here, here, and check out photos here.

  • Shameless NC Gov. Pat McCrory says of Trump, “This is the best of America.” We beg to differ. Strenuously. Watch the new HRC video, “McCrory and Trump: Bad for North Carolina. Bad for America.”

#turnOUT IN PENNSYLVANIA: In the weeks leading up to this historic Election Day, HRC dispatched staff members and dozens of volunteers to Pennsylvania, where a growing and highly engaged LGBTQ voting bloc is poised to play a pivotal role in the presidential, senatorial and other down-ballot races. Both FiveThirtyEight and The New York Times have picked Pennsylvania as most likely to be the tipping point state for the presidential election. Read about the experiences of our dedicated staff members here and here.

#turnOUT IN COLORADO WITH LENA DUNHAM, AMERICA FERRERA AND AMBER TAMBLYN: This weekend, HRC members joined partners from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL, Colorado Young Democrats, Moms Demand Action and Hillary for America for a canvass kickoff with Lena Dunham (@LenaDunham), America Ferrera (@AmericaFerrera) and Amber Tamblyn (@AmberTamblyn). The event underscored the intersectionality of issues that HRC and our progressive partners are working for. Every registered voter in Colorado has received a ballot in the mail, and Democrats are leading the turnout  — giving an edge to HRC- endorsed candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Senator Michael Bennet. More from HRC.

  • We Are” – new HRC digital ad reminds that LGBTQ people are Muslims, we are women, we are Latinos… As HRC President Chad Griffin says, “when Donald Trump attacks one of us, he attacks all of us.” We are as diverse as the fabric of our nation. Watch it here.

“Mr. Trump asks us what we have to lose, and we must answer, only the dream, only everything,” writes Harry Belafonte in an eloquent New York Times piece this morning. Read it here.

TUESDAY TWEETS: ELECTION DAY — WHAT BETTER TIME FOR A #turnOUT TWEETSTORM: Until polls close, HRC staff, members and volunteers are working from New Hampshire to Nevada, Pennsylvania to Florida, North Carolina to Wisconsin to get Hillary Clinton and pro-equality candidates elected. Among them? Lance Bass firing up HRC volunteers in Nevada, U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross rallying supporters in North Carolina, and Team HRC in Philadelphia.

THE ANTI-LGBTQ COMPANY A “PRESIDENT TRUMP” WOULD KEEP: Donald Trump’s anti-Washington rallying cry has been again outed as utterly bogus: NBC reports that, if elected, Trump would stock his cabinet with Washington insiders, all men, who have spent their careers spouting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. According to NBC, the conservative Heritage Foundation is helping to vet names in the terrifying event of a Trump presidency. Take a look at Trump’s “outsiders,” including Newt Gingrich, Reince Priebus, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Chris Christie here.

TRANSGENDER WOMAN’S TRUCK BURNED, PAINTED WITH “TRUMP”: In a disturbing crime reported late yesterday by The Tennessean, a  Cookeville, Tenn., transgender woman’s truck was spray painted with the the word “Trump” and torched in her driveway while she and her 3-year-old son were inside their home early Saturday morning. The victim told The Tennessean that  police told her they are investigating the incident as a hate crime. More here.

ADVOCATING FOR JUSTICE: Studies have shown that the justice system disproportionately targets people of color, immigrants, low-income people and the LGBTQ community. The Atlantic’s Adrienne Green sits down with a pretrial-service officer in the nation’s capital to talk his work to combat the disparity. Read the full interview here.


Teen Vogue hears from a trans advocate in North Carolina about what’s at stake for LGBTQ people in this election… HRC takes a look at the work happening to #turnOUT the vote in Minnesota…

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