After #NoMoore, Pro-Equality Alabamians Rejoice

Post submitted by Evan Kendrick, HRC Alabama State Manager

I’m proud to say that Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is #NoMoore. On Wednesday, September 28, Moore stood — disgraced and suspended from the Supreme Court —  before the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for his unethical and extralegal actions surrounding marriage equality. Today, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended Moore without pay through the remainder of his term. I was proud to be in the courthouse to witness this historic trial and I’m even more proud to see justice win.

As I watched both sides make their arguments, a crowd of LGBTQ and allied Alabamians, led by Ambrosia Starling, rallied outside on the courthouse steps. After Moore’s trial ended, the growing crowd joined HRC and speakers Dr. Paul Hard, Cari Searcy, Rev. Ramone Billingsley, and Que Bell for an HRC press conference calling for #NoMoore. As we anticipated the impending decision and reiterated our desire for Moore’s removal, our speakers also called on Alabama’s voters to recognize their responsibility in electing pro-equality public officials. The only way to remove discriminatory beliefs from public offices is to elect pro-equality candidates.

Earlier this year, HRC Alabama initiated our #NoMoore campaign to remove Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court for his blatant legal and ethical failings. HRC Alabama called out Moore’s discriminatory behavior with a billboard in downtown Montgomery, and held rallies and press conferences outside each of Moore’s ethics hearings — including Wednesday’s final hearing. This marks the second time Moore has faced negative consequences for pushing his personal agenda from the state’s highest court.

Following the official decision, pro-equality Alabamians across the state rejoiced that our call for #NoMoore hate and discrimination was heard and recognized. However, we must stay united and remain vigilant against all public officials who seek state-sponsored discrimination. Now, as we look forward, I am proud to say that Alabama’s future will not include Roy Moore as an active member on our state’s Supreme Court.